TK the Architect

TK the Architect has spent his life finding a balance.  Raised in Long Island, NY by his Japanese mother and Italian-American father, TK (born Zach Takayuki Zanghi) grew up in a bilingual household, where bringing disparate worlds together became a way of life.

TK has been building a resume of honest music with his tight-knit network for years, and its integrity remains an integral part of his philosophy.  After years spent releasing music as a solo artist and producing others, TK’s latest creative endeavor finds him among his long-time collaborators Aire Atlantica, BlackJeans, and Zuli as the group CAMPTACONIC.  The group’s second release, VOL. 2, further highlights their strengths, with TK showing off his multi-faceted talents as an artist and producer.

"The coolest thing you’ll hear this month"

- Groundsounds

"The Japanese-American, New York-based emcee and multi-instrumentalist has a knack for creating engaging, open and real tunes with lush, enveloping production and beats."

- Howl & Echoes