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TK Produces, Engineers, and Mixes all of his own music

VOL. 2


Artist, Producer, Engineer

"Trip" / "Take It All"

Ernest Brockenberry

Producer, Engineer, Mixing

VOL. 1


Artist, Producer, Engineer

Transmissions (Live at Refuge)

It Came From Space

Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering


Kira Metcalf

Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Cycle of Opposites


Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Thanks For Everything

Third Eye Blind

Additional Vocal Tracking, Assistant Engineer

On Human Freakout Mountain


Producer, Engineer, Additional Mixing

SUDDENLY (Or The Nuclear Sunburst Of The Truth Revealed)

Young Oceans

Assistant Engineer

Producer / Engineer

Both an artist and producer, TK divides his time between creating his own music, and working on records with others.  Whether it's writing, producing, engineering, or mixing, TK's talents umbrella the full spectrum of creating music.

TK works out of Lucky Cat Record Club, the studio space he shares with fellow producer Aire Atlantica in Brooklyn, NY.  He also works out of his home in Long Island, as well as various locations in upstate NY.

"Working with TK made me a better artist. His commitment to the projects he takes on and dedication to pulling the best qualities out of the artist separates him from anyone I've worked with. TK goes the extra mile to nurture and expand your vision to its full potential."  - Zuli

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